Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Midnight Writer

I'm up at 4:00 in the morning.partly because I have a cold and partly because the sleeping drugs wore off. My brain is already awake in any case. At least I can write in peace right now!

The past week has been completely amazing. On March 3rd, I turned 33. I had an amazing birthday from start to finish. Excellent lunch and dinner and cool presents from DH. It was just what I needed. The next day I went car shopping. DH and I decided that a second car was both financially sound and extremely necessary. I left the dealership that evening with my sparkly new Kelly. She is a Kia Spectra5 and although she has been owned before, I am certain she was loved before. She is the perfect car for me right now and I couldn't be happier or more thankful.

I prayed with all my heart that God would help me make the most of the situation. My health is stabilizing and I am getting stronger everyday again. Now I have the ability to go where I need to go without working around DH's schedule. I know in my heart that this is the beginning of a new stage in our lives.

Monday afternoon, I get a call from the temp agency I have been dealing with. They have an assignment for me. No interview, just start working there tomorrow, she said. The job description is perfect for me, and the pay is roughly twice what I have been making for the past three years. I can deal with that.

This morning I showed up and did my job and everything was smooth. The people are awesome and the job duties, so far, are all the things I excel at. The assignment might only last two weeks, but it will sure be two week I will enjoy and be thankful for.

The full day of working wears me out, still. I had to nap after work in order the have the energy to finish out the day. DH was my hero tonight and took the girls out with him for a few minutes and came back with dinner. He always knows just what to do.

Tomorrow is Day 2 and I hope it will be as good as Day 1. In spite of my fears and self esteem, I think it will be.

Now, the midnight writer has decided to let me be and I will go back to bed to attempt to sleep for the next 1 1/2 hours until the alarm clock goes off.

Good night!
Debbie "Nightowl" Lollar

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  1. How wonderful, Debs! Prayers are being answered! Love you all! Keep up the good work and you can always call me if you need to!