Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The countdown begins

10 days left before we move. It's a good thing, too. Any longer than that and I don't know if WP's neighbors will put up with us any longer than that. LH is actually starting to become more confident playing her cornet. Confident is the nice word for loud. She has had the instrument for less than a week and I have already heard more out of it than in an entire year's worth of trombone and french horn combined. It is hard for me to listen to the practicing because off-keys notes can be physically painful, but I know I will have to get used to it until she gets the hang of things. Frankly, I am just impressed as anything that she is actually spending the time to practice on her own. Apparently, having the instrument you actually WANT is the key to enjoying music. Who'd have figured? While she is enjoying practicing, she isn't enjoying the rest of homework, obviously. A big change over last year is that she is actually DOING it, when she is supposed to.  I hope her diligence will be a good example for both her sisters.

This is the first time EG has actually HAD homework assigned nightly and she isn't the least bit pleased with it. By the time she comes home she is totally wiped out. Three days in a row we have seen pretty strong temper tantrums from her within an hour of getting in the door. It takes quite a bit of relaxing and at least one snack before she is able to even look at her homework. The odd thing is not just how easy the assignments are for her once she calms down, but how frustrated she gets over them. Her "big" math assignment was no more difficult than writing numbers from 20 down to 1 and writing out the date. She went to pieces over writing her 6, 7, and 9's correctly. Reading though, is no problem at all. She was tested yesterday - two days after summer vacation, mind you - and she is reading at A SECOND SEMESTER FIFTH GRADER'S LEVEL. I bet if all the math problems were spelled out, she would breeze through them without a second thought.

TD has had the easiest time so far. She has had very little homework and has been able to check out whatever she wants to read from the library. She has, of course, made lots of friends and adores all her teachers.

I have all day to myself again, and I am at a loss what to do with the time. If I was in my own place, I would have plenty of chores, house cleaning, errands, and all sorts of other things to do. With only a few personal items to tidy up and 1/4 of the clothes that we normally have, I can get things picked up in a few minutes and then, I am bored. WP does not have TV service here so I am not able to even watch the local news. I really don't miss it when the kids are around, but at 1:00 in the afternoon, there is very little to do. I am trying to do my best to enjoy the peace and quiet and just reserve my energy for the move coming up. I am more afraid that I am going to become used to the rest and the pain and fatigue will creep in and take over again.

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