Monday, June 6, 2011

Silly Stuff

First full week of Summer is in full swing here. For some that would mean vacations and swimming and all sorts of fun. I suppose the fun part is happening. I believe that is what my kids call it when I sit in one room while they destroy the rest of the house. I'm sure I will eventually come out of my "home office" (aka on my bed with my laptop) and yell and scream about the mess. I just don't want to. Not yet anyway. I'm not being neglectful. I have my reasons.

The first reason? The house smells DELICIOUS! (and I had nothing to do with it.) LH has a Beginning of Summer Band Party to go to this afternoon and the low brass was asked to bring dessert. Being that she plays cornet (Thanks awesome friend Karen) and that she is always thrifty (yeah, I know....funny!) and she enjoys the chance to bake (when it is on HER terms, anyway) she and a few of her cohorts are makings, I mean cookies in the kitchen.

The first batch is what we have come to call her signature snafu, Snookerdiddles. She keeps trying to make Snickerdoodles, but the recipe asks you to add half the flour first and later add the rest of the flour and she just doesn't seem to remember that second part. Instead of cookies, she ends up with a melted, over sweet, mushy mess that we have to scrape off the cookie sheet (and eat by oursleves, of course, since mushy crumbs are not fit for serving to anyone else. Right?)

Now she is attempting something else that I'm not sure is going well either. It involves ground coffee and sour cream, I think? I'm not really sure. If we're lucky, she'll end up messing this one up too and we'll get to snack on more ugly but tasty disasters. I think I just heard the mixer going, then pre-teen style swearing (Oh DARN! What the HECK! HOLY MOLY!!!) and maybe the scent of scorched sweetness? Alas, I fear a second snack is not to be...

The other two wanted to be busy in the kitchen and since LH has the monopoly on the oven and mixer, They decided to turn oranges into orange juice. By hand. Zaniness ensues. I'm not sure if they got to drink any, or if the three hours of work all ended up on the counter, but I've decided I'll wait until later to see for sure. Going in there now will surely only cause heartache for everyone. I'll see the wreckage, lose my cool, yell some NOT pre-teen style swear words, I'll end up grouchy, and the mess will still be there. No. Better to let messy dogs lie for the moment.

EG has been cooking up some sweetness of her own today. TD's birthday is in about a week so she is making a super secret present for her. "Super Secret" means that she makes all the pieces where everyone can see, but she tells her sister it is definitely NOT a present being made for her birthday. It might be described as a dozen or more things before it becomes the gift, but it is totally NOT a birthday present. By the time the Big Day gets here, it will be assembled, wrapped (probably in typing paper with hand made decorations) and presented to the Birthday Girl, who will pretend to be utterly surprised and say she had NO IDEA what her sister was up to all week. Yeah, it's goofy, but my kids are cool like that.

Well, time for my nap so I can avoid the disaster for yet another hour.

Deb "The Mom" Lollar

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