Thursday, February 16, 2012

I just had another awesome daytime nap dream. In this one I moved to Colorado. My sisters moved there too so we could see each other all the time. My husband ran a van/bus rental place, I became a vet, and we had a huge house that we were slowly remodeling. The property was huge with a large storage shed in one place and another very large barn right near it. It was early November and there had been a huge snowfall so a lot of our kids' friends  were running around and making snowmen and having fun. I remember realizing money was not an issue. The vehicle rental was just to make extra cash and to have a hobby. I didn't have a real vet's practice. I mostly just helped out people locally with their pets out of my home. I walked through the house and saw each room and noticed what still needed to be done with them. It wasn't a cause of worry or guilt,, just that I was remembering things I had to do...eventually. One room was a nursery that we had started to paint pink, but ended up painting over it with blue because I had a boy instead of a girl. I got the feeling that it was unplanned, but a very wonderful surprise, nonetheless.

I walked around the property and saw all of the kids having fun in the snow. I knew that it was only because this was the first REAL snowfall of the year. After a few days everyone would get used to it again, but for now it was cool to see everyone enjoying themselves. I walked through the alley between the two storage buildings and found something I had been looking for wedged under the wall of the storage shed. It was a Santa Clause Suit with real fur and bells.It was too far for me to reach it so I took my husband to where I found it so he could retrieve it and put it where it belonged in the barn storage. I distinctly remember the dark feeling of the storage shed and then the bright, happy interior of the huge barn where many things  were stored until we needed them. It wasn't packed very full, but there were stacks of boxes everywhere  piled neatly. Most of out belongings were in here so the house could be as empty as possible while we were rebuilding. I didn't miss my things or feel the urge to look for anything. I knew it was all safe there and it would be ready for me when I needed it. The area where we stored Christmas decorations was full of boxes and decorations, some of them too large to be boxed up. I can remember the way the light filled the room from the high windows and the smell of the air. You could tell it used to hold animals, but it wasn't a bad smell. Just an earthy, animal smell.

Once we placed the suit where it belonged, my husband went off to the van rental office because he local school had a field trip planned for the day and they always called him to borrow a van or bus. He gave them a good deal compared to the normal school buses and the kids got to ride in comfortable, fancy vehicles. the kids were all showing up and getting in a line for the trip. You could tell they all knew it was a special trip and they were excited but also trying very hard to behave because they knew to be on their best behavior when they got to ride in the special buses.

I took a moment to look around the property before heading into the house. I could see our multiple acres stretching out all around me, covered with snow, and I felt satisfied that it was all mine. I could see the shapes of mountains far off and that made me happy, too. I headed back into the house and walked into the kitchen area, which wasn't completely furnished yet. There was a fully working kitchen on the basement floor that would work for us until the kitchen remodeling was done. I walked up the stairs to the attic floor, and my sister in-law was there. She was gathering cloth and decorations because someone in our family would be getting married in a few weeks. When Thanksgiving got here I would be putting up a lot of the family for the holiday dinner and for the wedding that would happen that weekend.  I wasn't panicked that nothing was ready or that I had so much to do in such a short time. I knew that what needed to be done would be done and what didn't get done wasn't so important that it had to be rushed.

I remember the sense of peace that I felt during the whole dream. I was in and out of wakefulness so sometimes I would ask myself a question like, how did I get here? How far in the future is it? I always found a reasonable answer that wasn't filled with regret or sadness. I was so happy when I woke up that it took me a little while to remember that this all had been a dream and that I hadn't been thinking about plans that have actually been made.

Pretty cool, huh? It sounds like my mind is making plans for my future without me!

Deb "The Dreamer" Lollar

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  1. It's like what happened to me many years ago. A "Baptism of Spirit" is what it was called. Sorta like my "prophetic dream" I had a while ago, here in The Hermitage.
    Uber cool from start to finish.

    Awesomeness to the Awesometh degree.