Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So many new things...

The reason I haven't been posting much is because I've been too darn busy! We got a new four-footed addition to our family - Miss Daisy Mae - and I've had my hand full helping everyone get used to having a doggie around again. She's part lab, part terrier (probably corgi) and she is just the sweetest little thing. She is small, which is awesome for many reasons, and she is pretty well house trained, nicely crate trained, and is an absolute dream to walk. The walking thing is a big deal for me, because I walk her about half the time. She is technically LH's pet because it was her friend that gave her to us and because she had known LH longer than any of us. The rest of the family pitches in their fair share, but by the way she follows LH around everywhere and sleeps in her room, we all know who Daisy's favorite is. I'm ok with this. I have wanted a boxer puppy for the longest time, and I still plan on getting one eventually. So, LH can keep Daisy and I'll keep looking for a wrestling buddy for DH and a jogging buddy for me. Ok, maybe not jogging... but at least a dog that wants to take longer strolls than just around the cul de sac.

Other than adopting Daisy, things have been pretty busy elsewhere in the house, too. We are into Spring Break right now so I have taken one of my nieces for the week. Awesome is around the same age as EG and TD, so it is kind of like having triplets instead of twins running around. I've been trying to find all sorts of thing to keep them busy, like living room forts, sidewalk chalk art, and trips to the park. I still have a few days left of this week and I am running out of cheap/free/low mess ideas, so any suggestions you all have would be greatly appreciated. Did I mention I would rather they be outside or quiet? Yeah... especially quiet.

While trying to keep my own sanity intact, I have been hanging out on Pintrest a WHOLE bunch and I have some really great ideas and inspirations in the works. DH and I have overhauled and dejunked the craft area so there is plenty of room to work and most of our supplies are within easy reach. My biggest issue now is that the overhead light in the office/craft room has gone on the fritz so the amount of light I have in the most comfortable place to sit is limited. We will have to call in a contractor to get the light fixed so I really have no idea how long it will be before I can craft at my desk again. Anyone know any really good and really cheap electricians?

I get to cut this short now since Daisy needs to go out AGAIN and the "triplets" are about to rip each other apart over "singing and judging each other" while they attempt to (poorly) help with the dishes.

Wish me luck! I'm going to need it...

Deb "The Crazy Aunt" Lollar 

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