Sunday, June 10, 2012

Unexpected Results

First of all, I am sorry for waiting almost a month to start writing again. Sometimes my mind is so full of everything, but I don't want to share. Other times, my mind is a desolate as the Siberian tundra and I can't even force a thought to form, let alone transfer it to my fingers.

Anyway, I have had a very busy month and that has something to do with not writing, as well. First, it was the end of the school year and LH had finals to prepare for (although she really didn't DO any preparing.) TD and EG had their own end of the year activities, awards ceremonies, and all manner of things taking up the evenings around here. DH had several weekend events taking him out of town and leaving me to keep the kiddos occupied. On top of that, we had huge bit of schedule changing with all the after school kid watching. I was a bit overwhelmed. Naturally, when I get overwhelmed the Fibro kicks in and I get even less done.

The biggest thing, though, was waiting for LH's heart cath. Since her last open heart surgery 10 years ago, she has to go through another cath every three years or so. It is kind of like a highly invasive check-up. No matter how many times we go through it, I always have some major nervous energy the last few weeks leading up to it. LH hasn't been doing very well energy-wise for the last few months. I was so afraid that the surgeons were going to find something serious during the cath, or that they would decide that a transplant is needed immediately, or that something freakish would happen during the procedure and... well, you get the idea. I worried.

During the cath they actually did do some adjustments to the size of the stents she has and they measured all the pressures inside the heart. Everything seems pretty much the same as it was three years ago. That is good news because it means her health is steady. The "transplant" word has been completely taken off the table at this point and LH came through the cath with flying colors. The color being red, actually. She has an itchy rash long with her clean bill of health. We're not sure what caused the rash, so we'll be going back for a check-up (the non-invasive kind) during the early part of the week. The only hiccup with the recovery was when LH had a hard time shaking off the anesthesia and they kept us overnight for observation. It took a little while, but she finally got the meds out of her system and we were released at 9:00 the next morning.

If that was the most stressful part of the week, I would be doing fine, but no. TD and DH both got some sort of a tummy bug and all weekend plans were cancelled. So far EG and I are the only ones without some sort of affliction at the moment (knock on wood) so we've both had our hands full playing nursemaid.

Now I am looking at the second full week of summer and I have that cold shiver of fear in my soul. Everyone is back on the mend and it appears I will have my nephew Roo to hang out with us during the week. I am humbly asking for prayers because even though I have attempted to make several layers of plans to avert boredom the truth is, I have no idea really what to do with boys. This is going to be fun. In the pull my hair out, try not to break down in front of the kids, good gracious what was I thinking sort of way.


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  1. I'll be thinking of you! So awesome she came through the heart "check-up" doing great. And that t-word being off the table? IS FANTASTIC NEWS! Congratulations!