Tuesday, April 28, 2015

When a Crafty Person Gets Lazy

When a crafty person gets lazy it is way different than when a "normal" person gets lazy. It can get into truly bizarre levels of WTF before we get up and do something productive.
Take this morning for instance...

I'm still in my pj's at noon because I don't feel like getting showered and dressed. Also, I'm behind on laundry so I'm not 100% enthused about getting showered only to get dressed into my least favorite items of clothing because they are the last thing I have clean.

Staying in my pj's sounds like a better choice EXCEPT that the pj pants I'm wearing need to be repaired. The button holes on the button fly have ripped a bit so the buttons no longer stay in the button holes. It's not been a huge deal before now because the pants are actually held up by a drawstring, but this morning I just got tired of having a draft across my tummy while my pants are still on.

Now, I'm sure a "normal" person would either a) go get showered and dressed, or b) at least go put on some different pants. Not me. No. I sit down, get ticked off for having to keep fidgeting with the buttons,  then look up and see my sewing stuff (left out from my last project), and think to myself, "I'm crafty. I'll just fix these button holes right here."

But, I'm lazy, remember? Too lazy to find different pants, even. So I just sit down and proceed to fix my pants WHILE I AM STILL WEARING THEM. I mean, it's just the button holes on the front. They are the easiest part of the pants to reach anyway. Right?

Well, I'm happy to report that I didn't stab, slice, or sew up my own body while attempting this. Not even once. And now that I'm sitting here with pants that close nicely in the front, I'm in awe at my own combination of laziness, craftiness, and luck.

Carry on people. Nothing to see here any more.

Deb "no draft" Lollar

Anyone else want to share a moment of laziness-meets-industriousness?

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