Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not quite so bad

After further clarification, yes I am still jobless, but it probably wasn't entirely my fault. My agency IS going to try and place me somewhere else ASAP. The apparent lack of communication was die to technical difficulties on the agencies part, not intentional avoidance of me by my agent (as I had feared.)

This makes me feel so much better, and I think I will be able to confidently pursue another temporary position somewhere else. In the mean time, I have to try and juggle a schedule at may or may not change at any minute. Short term assignments may happen at any time so I have to be ready. I also want to make sure I am taking full advantage of the time at home while I have it. I have three girls home for the summer so there is more than enough to keep me busy.

Today, I did take the girls out of the house for a bit before the temperature hit triple digits. Leaving the house with the "little darlings" in tow is always a tricky proposition. It is so much easier than it used to be, though. Summertime means sandals, and than means no frustrating search for socks AND shoes that match the outfit as well as the occasion. No, all we really have to do is throw on some shorts and a t-shirt (or play dress) and strap on the sandals and go. I let the girls all get shorter summer haircuts so a quick brush is all that is needed. The three-ring-circus that I can usually expect is reduced to little more than a dog and pony show.

I have to be careful when we are out though. Running errands can get expensive. Especially in the summer when everyone needs to stay hydrated. If we forget to grab water bottles (or they drink it all before the errands are done) I can rely on them all asking to stop somewhere to get something to drink. I can't blame them, either. I can get pretty grouchy when I don't have something to sip on all the time. Preparation is the key though - bring the needed supplies or spend the cash to get them. I like to keep a few coins around to cover these "thirst emergencies." Did you know that you can get canned sodas from vending machines at most grocery stores for 35 cents? Some drive through places have drinks for only a dollar and other convenience stores have specials for 32 oz drinks for less than a dollar.

Sure, I feel a little guilty because I'm giving them liquid junk food. But, I'm drinking it too, though, and they will at least run it off before the day is done. Just today I let them play at one of the local parks for a few minutes between shoe shopping and the grocery store. Right now they are gving my car a much-needed washing. It's a win-win situation. I get a clean(ish) car for free, and they have an excuse to put on the swim suits and play in the water. After the car wash we all get to move and groove for a once over on the house. Vacuuming and tidying up is always to good to get your heart pumping and maybe even break a sweat.

I'm still not happy about not being at a job right now, but I am trying to make the most of it. I am trying to view all of this as a gift of time to spend with my girls before the next roller coaster of working sets in.

Debbie "The Mom" Lollar

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