Saturday, November 10, 2012

What goes around...

... eventually will end up getting me sick, too.

Yesterday I felt a little yucky, but nothing unbearable. I thought I would go to bed early because we had plans today and I didn't want to make my kids miss out because of me being sick. Then, I did that dumb thing where instead of going directly to bed when I take my  meds, I stay up, get distracted, and end up being awake for half the night cleaning. Now, cleaning is a GOOD thing, but losing half a night of sleep isn't. I noticed my throat was a little sore as I was falling asleep, but that is sometimes caused by sleeping meds anyway, so I didn't think much of it.

At 6:30am, after getting only 3 hours of sleep, EG came into my bedroom because her throat hurt and she felt miserable. Her temp was just over 100 and that meant all our plans for the day would be cancelled. I got her some medicine to help with the sore throat and fever and got her comfortable on the couch. It took only a few minutes before she passed out again. As I was heading back to bed I realized MY throat hurt, too. Hmmmm. Not good.

By 9:30 I was sore all over and by noon I was running a fever over 100, too.

DH and TD still went out today because they were both feeling just fine and I had decided I would spend the day cleaning house while they were gone. So far, I've gotten the kitchen counters wiped off and the counter by the phone tidied up. Other than that I've been sleeping. A lot. I did manage to remember to eat (as painful as that was) butt that really only because I can't take cold medicine on an empty stomach.

All this isn't completely a shocker. Everyone in the house has been sick for a week now on and off. The symptoms are all pretty similar and it appears to last only a few days. At first, I was just bummed that I couldn't go to the pow wow this evening. Then, just as I saw the silver lining to THAT cloud, I get hit by lightning when I wasn't looking.

I promise I will update again as soon as I am feeling better. Until then, hug someone you love and tell a Marine Happy Birthday today!

Deb "Sickly" Lollar

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