Saturday, December 29, 2012


Not sure how many more days of doing absolutely nothing I can put up with, but something tells me I will have a few more before I get back on track.

I guess I'm just bummed because I don't really get to have real holidays anymore. Christmas Break always seemed like the BEST vacation for me growing up. Sure, we just had a week-long vacation a month ago, but it wasn't long enough and I probably had homework. Christmas break is just... pure relaxation. All my exams would have been taken before the break so there is literally NOTHING school wise that needs to be done. Plus you have two awesome holidays a week apart and you get to do all sorts of things that are usually off limits - FUN things like eat candy for breakfast and stay up past midnight IN THE LIVING ROOM. Those two weeks seemed longer than summer, some times... nothing to do except sit around in  jammies all day and play with the new toys you just got.

Once you start working for a living - UGH! Goodbye winter break! In fact, goodbye having more than two days off in a row. But that doesn't mean actually relaxing for two days in a row, it just means you only have your HOME job to do and not your WORK job, too.

Blech. Take me back to candy canes sword fights. PLEASE.

I guess I'm just worn out from working too much. Because of the freak Christmas Day snow around here, followed by a day of feeling like death-warmed-over, I only worked one day last week. I think it tricked my mind into going back in time. It must have because the only meaningful thing I have done for the last week is plead (in vain) for someone to PLEASE pick up their mess. I'm still in my pj's right now. I have cooked dinner exactly once since before Christmas Day. The house is still littered with bits of Christmas paper and candy wrappers.

My brain has definitely gone on vacation. Apparently, it took with it my entire storage of Give-A-Damn. About a week ago, we found out that the drain behind the washer was blocked. DH said he cleared it, but I haven't gotten up the nerve to test it out. So, the massive pile of laundry? Still there and getting higher. Meh.The garbage disposal stopped working completely. Whatever. Scrape your plates in the trash before leaving them in the sink for two days. Who cares? That horrific army of Latino Insects - uh, I mean Argentinian Ants - is trying to take over the house again. Hm. Spray them with Simple Green. I'll call the exterminators later... after the holidays... after the house gets clean... after I find where the hell I put my box of 'Round To Its...

I am winning no Mommy Awards this week, for sure. Luckily my kids are getting really good at recognizing that glazed look of "Oh Well..." Instead of asking for me to make breakfast, EG got a bright idea and asked me to show her how to make breakfast. She's a smart one, that girl. LH decided her laundry needed to get done RIGHT NOW and tested out the drain for me. Turns out it IS fixed. And one less load of laundry is waiting to be done. TD got bored and wanted to "make something" so I showed her Pinterest, hoping to keep her busy for an hour or two. Now she and EG are hooked on using what we already have to make things they really want.

Yep. I'm a complete failure this week.

My kids are learning to take care of themselves, entertaining themselves, even learning to cook and clean on their own. What kind  of legacy is THAT to leave!?!? ;-)

Deb "Lazy Mom" Lollar

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