Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This month is going to be a tough one. Something that wasn't really explained to me before I started getting these knee injections was that I would need to be off my feet for 48 hours following each injection. So, I get a shot in the left knee on Monday morning and I'm out of commission until Wednesday morning. Then, I get a shot on Thursday afternoon and I'm stuck on my butt until Saturday afternoon. Yeah...that gives me two days of activity per week, and that still hurts. This had better be worth all the hassle.

The girls have been supportive and understanding so far. Well, they were at first, anyway. Speaking to them frankly and directly I thought was really important. It at least got them to improve their attitudes, if not their actions. They aren't very enthusiastic about my being immobile for even MORE reasons than before and they are trying to take advantage every chance they get. Not being up and around to verify that the chores are actually getting done has been a much bigger problem than I thought it would be. It seems that when I am in my room (because sitting on my bed with my knees propped up is the most comfortable place to be) the girls seem to take me much less seriously. After the first few days, I was pissed that they were saying, "yes, ma'am" but doing the opposite. After the first week, I started to feel invisible.

Yesterday, DH came home from work to a messy house, dirty dishes, and no dinner. He had a bad day at work, had to fight road construction and bad traffic, and still had several hours of work he needed to before bed. That was the last straw. Yelling, screaming, and tears ensued. Dinner was rushed, bedtime was delayed, and no one was happy about anything.

Today has only been a slight improvement. I spent the day shopping for easy dinners that can be made with little to no supervision, so now I am worn out and sore from that. Little Heart is riding mood swings like a bad carnival game and is trying to avoid working by hiding behind the computer in the office. Tiny Dancer and Evil Genius are attempting to stay on task, but they are distracting each other more than they are helping. I am sitting in my room hollering across the house at them to finish their chores every 5 minutes when I hear them playing and dancing instead of what they should be doing. On one hand, I am just thankful that they are getting along and not fighting. On the other, I really, really would like the dishes done sometime before midnight.

I really had hoped that getting my knees fixed would not cause more trouble than they had before. I guess I was a little too optimistic. I have another full month of treatments before I can go back to regular activities. If I make it that long, I will be surprised. If I let my kids live that long, it will be a miracle. I'll probably have to just let some things slide around the house until I can do them myself. Once April gets here, I will be so very glad, but until then, I think I will just have to put off dinner parties and such. Heck, I might just cancel DINNER all together.

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