Friday, March 18, 2011

Sisters are the coolest

My little Evil Genius has pink eye. It's a bit ironic actually, because her other nickname is Eyeball, because of her ginormous, big blue eyes (all the better to hypnotize minions with.) In spite of her "evil" nature, she is actually quite bashful and uncomfortable with new events or activities. I guess like all evil geniuses, she is a bit quirky. She is the one who doesn't like roller coasters, swings, slides, or anything else that causes her to be off the ground for very long. Something else she doesn't like? People messing with those big eyes of hers. From the moment I mentioned aloud that she had pink eye, she was in a tizzy about the potential of eye drops. That and feeling guilty because she felt like everyone in the house will have to give up doing cool stuff because of her because we don't want to spread the infection. (I'm still not sure where she gets this whole "beating herself up" thing...)

In any case, I was able to procure the dreaded eye drops without a trip to the doctor in person. I just called the office and they called the pharmacy for me. (There are some advantages to having the same pediatrician for 13 years.) In a very short amount of time WP had gone to pharmacy for me and brought the medicine back. Allie looked at the bag like it was holding a live viper (strangely enough, it was with fear.) I know that the quicker I get the drops started the faster she will heal and the less chance of spreading the infection to the other eye (or anyone else) so I wasted no time in attempting to get her to sit still long enough to let me get the drops in.

I was sure it was going to be a knock-down, drag-out, no-holds-barred kind of fight until (in surprisingly quick fashion) her big sister stepped up to help out. Tiny Dancer assured EG that the drops wouldn't hurt, that Mommy knew a special trick so they weren't even scary, and if she would lie down, EG could hold her hand and squeeze if she wanted to. Sometimes the earnest pleading of someone close to your own age will get through to you much faster than any Mommy could. Amazingly, EG did exactly what I (and TD) asked her to, and then we were over and done with the drops in record time. No tears, no screaming, just a hug and "I told you so" from TD. Then they were off playing like the pseudo-twins they are.

THIS is what being a sister is all about.

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