Monday, January 25, 2010

Darling Husband

So far, I have mentioned my Darling Husband several times. I don't think I have quite given him the credit he is due, though. So, Darling, this post is for you!

DH and I have been married for more than 10 years now and we have three beautiful daughters together.
Our lives have been filled with more ups and downs than any four other couples should have had to face, but we have faced them together, a unified front. Things are not always rosy, and sometimes our lives are extremely stressful, but we use each other as a solace and a shield instead of taking those stresses out on each other. We decided, not verbally but actively, that we would be for each other what we always wanted for ourselves. We both have our own checkered pasts.  There have been ugly relationships and terrible heartache. That kind of history will usually do one of two things to a person. It will damage them or it will make them stronger through their scars. The miracle of love is when you see the strength in each other and are willing to kiss each others scars.

For us, marriage is not a 50%-50% proposition. That would imply an incomplete devotion  to each other. We are dedicated to each other 100%-100% He is the one that taught me that when someone comes into your life and you find yourself loving them more than you ever knew you could, it doesn't diminish the love you already have for someone else, it only adds to the total wealth of love in your life. Take these analogies if you will. Consider a pitcher of water and candle with a flame. There is only so much water a pitcher can hold. If you share the water between cups, the water will be separated into smaller amounts. Now picture the candle. If you light another candle with the first, you now have two lights but the first is not diminished by lighting the second. They burn equally bright by themselves, but the two candles together burn more brightly than either could have alone. Your time and money is like a pitcher of water, but your love is like the candle.

This is what I mean when I say it feels like a have an entire heart for everyone that I love. I love each of my children with all my heart and I love DH with all of my heart, just as I love each of my family members with all of my heart, and so on.

I could go on for days about all the cool things he's done to prove just how awesome he is. That would probably bore half of you and induce vomiting in the other half. I will say this, though - after 15 years, he is still the same gentleman and still just fun. I love him as much today, if not more, than the day we married.

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