Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Positively Surprising

When I woke up this morning, I immediately thought this was going to be one of those "bad days" I keep hearing about. When I first suspected I might be suffering from FM,  I read everything I could about the condition and the medications. What I learned was that there are treatments that help, but nothing really makes the pain and fatigue go away completely. There are good days. when you are able to be almost normal. And, there will definitely be bad days, when it feels like you are back at square one. Since I started on the latest treatment, I have had a string of pretty good days. This morning just wasn't one of them.

I worked last night for the first time in almost a month and I didn't get home until almost 1:00am. That is pretty normal for my job. That also means that when the kids get up at 6:30 I am not really awake, but I still have to get up and help DH get them dressed and out the door. It is quite a sight to me shuffling around in my bathrobe and slippers, trying to fix little girls' hair without poking them in the eye with a comb. I think I should just skip the coffee cup altogether some mornings and just guzzle the coffee right out of the pot. Thankfully, I usually have the presence of what little mind I have left to eat breakfast and take my morning meds before retreating to my dark and quiet cave. I don't actually remember being and around usually, I just have a faint sense of mild accomplishment upon rising from my cubbyhole later in the day.

I was already achy and sore when I got out of bed first thing and I was in no mood to do anything remotely productive. I could already tell that this was going to be another day with a long to do list and nothing accomplished. Because pain and stiffness have been affecting my upper arms recently, working where I do can be very painful. Transcribing means typing  - a lot of typing that is very fast and with only short breaks. By the end of a three hour shift, I usually can't raise my arms over my head and my hands and fingers are numb. Since I had only gotten four or so hours of sleep, I didn't have enough of a recharge to make a difference and I felt just the same as when I went to bed, but maybe a bit more sleepy.

I did manage to stay upright long enough to see the kids get out the door safely (DH is really awesome for always driving them in the morning without question, knowing I'm a danger to myself and others just trying to tie my sneakers before 8:00am.) Between the short night's sleep and the gloomy weather outside, I decided that I would sneak in one more hour of sleep as soon as the kids were off to school. As soos as the van started up in the driveway, my head hit the pillow and I don't remember another thing until my phone's alarm when off to wake me up.

That short nap has been my saving grace today! I have been able to keep moving all day so far. I was showered, dressed, and ready when I had to drive DH to work this morning (which is itself is an accomplishment.) As soon as I got back home, I started on some of the housework that needed to be done and I kept going for almost an hour. Now, the sink is shiny, the dishes are done, the floor is swept, and I have made half of the phone calls I needed to already.When it was time to take a break I decided to write for a bit.

Here is a bit of poetic inspiration that I would like to share with all of you!
I call it "Ode to Breaktime"

Time to rest, just for a bit.
The work will get done when I get to it.

My work's not finished, I've only begun,
But I have to pace myself for the race to be won.

Time to rest just for a spell,
So I can recharge my energy well.

I have started my work but now I must sit.

Taking a breather so I don't lose my grip.

Using my timer and duster is fun,
I'll have plenty of peace when the day is done.

Time to sit and have a drink,
So I can enjoy my shiny sink.

By: D.A. Lollar

Have a good afternoon, and may all your sinks be shiny!

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  1. So great to hear things are getting better!!