Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 3 and going strong

Day three has started out even better than Day two. I was able to wake up with the alarm. I actually didn't want to stay in bed at all. DH is wonderful and understands that I am not usually able to drive the kids in the morning (just still too fuzzy brained.) Because of the ridiculously cold weather this morning (15 degrees? Seriously) he was up and dressed in double layers head to toe so he could warm up the car for the girls and even take the trash to the curb (it's pick-up day for trash and recycling.) I really, really love that man.

TD and LH were bundled up in at least double layers for the ride to school. Last year I got a little silly and attached TD and EG's gloves together by a cord and slipped them in the sleeves of their coat, so we don't have to worry about finding a matching pair on a morning like this. We have plenty of scarves (both store bought and handmade) so that is never an issue either. My recent bursts of energy have been used to clean and organize the Launch Pad (the area we keep all our coats, book bags, shoes, etc. together) so having to layer up didn't really put a hitch in our getalong. LH even found a set of gloves that are long and stretchy enough to go over her cast, and a matching hat and scarf that are warm, but can be stuffed in her pockets for safe keeping. It was my favorite set last year, too, so she is being extra careful with them, she says, (four days in a row and all pieces are still there. That's a record for her.

Last night EG came to me after her shower and showed me that she had developed some sort of a rash on the inside of her elbows. After checking her over for any other sign of illness (no sore throat, fever, or signs of the rash anywhere else,) I put some calamine gel on it and sent her to bed with some benadryl thinking that if it was an allergic reaction to something, the benadryl would fix it and all would be well this morning. Not so much, actually. The rash is still there, so no school for her (at least until we get to see a dr.)

Now, I have a dilemma. We have a strict No Kid TV rule in the house during the school week. It just makes life easier for the kids and for us if the Hypno-Gourd stays off until DH wants to watch one or two shows before bedtime. A few days ago, I also restricted TD and EG from computer, art supplies, and music making devices until they decide to clean up their room enough to make it safe or donate their toys to needy kids (it's really a 50/50% chance which one they will eventually choose.) So, now I have a "sick" kid here, who wants to be occupied until we get into the dr.

The problem is this - she is the best behaved and most self-restraining of all three of the girls. The restrictions weren't as much for her as they were for the other ones. Should I stick to my guns and let her use her imagination all morning? Or should I relent and give her some TV or computer time? She is already being so very good and has chosen to work on a puzzle instead of even asking for the things I have already restricted. Plus, I really want to go back to bed. I have come to rely on that extra hour or two of rest in the morning to keep me  going the rest of the day.

I will probably go ahead and let her choose one or the other when she is done with the puzzle. I think she deserves a treat for being as good as she is being this morning. Besides, she will most likely be watching educational TV or going to Math Fun sites, so I really can't complain about that.

Now, to take care of a few things before going off to snooze....

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