Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 3, 2010

Today we went to a boy scout camp just south of town and held a small memorial for DH's grandparents. It helped his father by recalling his parents in a peaceful way and at a place that they held dear to them. I know it helped LH achieve some closure, herself. She has had a very tough time dealing with their loss. TD was too young to remember either of them very well and EG was not even born when Granddaddy died. (in fact, I found out I was pregnant with her the morning of his funeral.) Granny passed away less than five years later, but it was still long enough ago that they don't feel the loss as strongly.

In any case, we all were there and DH had some personal items that were his and we were all able to say a final good-bye to him and to Granny as well.

After the memorial, I decided to take some shots of the scenery. It was just too pretty for me to ignore.

There were butterflies everywhere and the weather was beautiful (if a bit muggy.) By the end of the afternoon, the girls were all smiles. I am so glad we took the day to do this. I know my heart is lighter and I believe everyone else feels the same way.

Rest in peace Bill and Nell Lollar. Until we meet again.

Debbie Lollar

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