Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just had to share

So, during this whole packing thing, DH found all his old Hot Wheels and set them aside to be sold. The girls found them and had other plans. Since most of their other toys are packed, they have collected these two dozen little cars and they have them lined up on the carpet playing with them.

When girls play with cars, it is MUCH different than when boys play with cars. It is just as noisy, but far more entertaining, in a soap-opera sort of way. There isn't any vroom-vrooom noises. Instead they name each car, and play act scenarios with them. Here are some examples.
"I love you!" "No, I HATE you!"
"You are so beautiful!" "Let's get married"
"Your paint is so pretty and your tires are so shiny! Where did you get them done?" "I'll show you! Let's go get car manicures!"

First, there the Batmobile and a purple and green one that is apparently the Joker. They have to fight and chase each other, of course. Then, there are two cars that we received in a boxes of Cheerios which have the Cheerio logo on them. They have been dubbed "The English Twins." Why English? Because they drive around saying "Cheerio! Cheerio!" in a British accent. (I'm laughing so hard at their awful accents that my stomach hurts.) We also have Twenty-Four Seven (because the  numbers 2,4,and 7 are on the car) and Isabella and Abigail, the black car sisters. They keep fighting over Eric, the fast Dune Buggy. Two more are named after my youngest sister and her boyfriend. Those two cars are getting married and all the other cars are getting ready for the wedding. 

This all goes to prove my personal theory about boys and girls and nature vs. nurture. No matter how delicate and peaceful then environment is that a boy is raised in, if you give them a Barbie doll they will strip the clothes off, bend it over at the waist and use it either as a pistol or a hammer. It doesn't matter how liberated and empowered you teach your daughter to be, when you give them a truck, they will wrap it in a baby blanket and cradle it in their arms.

This doesn't mean that boys can't be sensitive or that girls are never destructive. It just means that there are inherent differences in each sex. Differences that are there to ensure balance and survival of the race. This is a blanket statement that is meant as a general observation of the race as a whole, not a scientific study. I know there are people of both sexes that cross the lines in many different ways. That is one of the things that separates humans from the lower animals. We are able to have more varied elements in our personalities. It is that variety that has enabled the human race to evolve and grow.

So, when your boys pretend to blow stuff up while playing with their toys or your girls refuse to play anything other than Princess and Queen, don't be alarmed. They are just exercising  their natural tendencies. As they grow and mature your daughter just might become a Demolition Expert and son might grow up to be a Queen. How fabulous THAT would be!

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