Monday, April 18, 2011

How long? (actually very short)

I didn't even realize until I looked that I've been blogging for almost 18 months. Sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, other times not quite as much. What is remarkable to me is that I haven't put it aside or decided to stop after all this time. Writing itself has become one of my Many Hearts! I love writing more than I used to, more than I thought I ever could, and - even more - I enjoy writing with the idea that someone else might read it.

Considering that a blog is specifically for that purpose - for others to read - I would love some feedback from the awesome people who do read this stuff. Would it be okay if you guys let me know what you like to read, what you like about what I write, and if you think I need to do anything different? Would a more regular posting schedule make any difference? Would it be cool to add some fictional writing in here? I have purposely not added photographs for security sake, but would some pictures of my Many Hearts spice things up a bit? Would a weekly post with an update about each of my Family Hearts be a cool thing? What is your stance on ads on a blog?

I'm not planning on doing anything that is really all that different. I still will talk about my Hearts, my life, and all the things I find interesting. I'm just a little curious if there is any way I can better serve the people who read me?

Deb the Blogger

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