Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On hold...

Novel writing has been temporarily put on hold. I have some things that are taking up a bit more of my time.
I have been hacked.

If it was just facebook, I could handle it. If it was just a sleazy e-mail sent from my hotmail account, I could handle it. But, no. Someone hacked me FINANCIALLY and I am extremely, inconsolably pissed. I know the best I can do is get my money back because no bank wants to spend the time or energy to find the #$^* that did this sort of thing. I have done the responsible, legal things and made sure no one can continue to hack this particular account again, but that doesn't give me a sense of peace. I will most likely have to wait TWO WEEKS for the bank to return the HUNDREDS of dollars that was stolen from me. (Word of advice: banks suck, but small banks suck more.)

What's worse is I know the thieves probably bought a ton of crap at discount and will be selling it even cheaper and making out like, well...bandits. Someone is probably scoring a new TV right now for half price at my expense. If I knew it was a hungry mother buying food for her kids, I might sleep better at night. If I could see that it was medication for someone who was sick, I probably wouldn't even press charges. But I KNOW that isn't the case. I know someone is selling stuff that I can't afford and using the money for other illegal transactions.

I wouldn't wish anyone else ill. It isn't Christian or right to want someone else to hurt and suffer and be in pain. However, I hope and pray that whoever got a hold of my card number will get caught and will learn something from this. That or he gets a bad dose of crack. Either way...


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