Monday, May 16, 2011

Writing to come

I have gotten, over the last few days, a story line for a set of novels that I would like to write. One outline came from a few years back and another one came from the dream I had this morning. At first, I grabbed my notebook and wrote it all out in a effort to get it out of my head. The more I wrote the more amazing the story became. I took those concepts and fleshed them out some more and then realized how I needed to keep going. The two different concepts rolled right into each other and I realized that what I had in my summary notes were the outlines of at least two, possibly three full novels.

Sitting down with my father (and fellow author) this evening. I realized I had nearly finished the initial story and plot and outline. What I needed to do NOW was sit down and start writing the actual words that would become my books.

That concept scared me. I was afraid that if I started writing that I might lose track of the story and I might make a silly piece of crap instead of the truly moving piece  that will have its readers looking inside themselves to see reflections of themselves in every page. If I let that fear take hold, I will have nothing. If I fight that fear and push on through, I might end up with a book of literary trash. At that point, I will , at least, have something to show all this, even if it isn't a very quality outcome.

I think I would rather fight through the fear and make at least something that is worthy of being read. I want to do this and I need to show myself that I am capable of doing more than day dreaming.

Tomorrow  I am going to attempt the outline and try to determine the actual length of the books and how many books there will be. I will let you know how successful I was.
In order to be able to have my work published one day it can not be shared in whole or in part on line through social networking sites or though online journal and writing sites like blogs. So, I guess I won't share my daily works with you. I may however, be able to show you all some bits and pieces every now and then. Look for me tomorrow or the next day to have an outline to share and I would live to hear feedback on it.

Deb "Journalista" Lollar

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