Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How about a regular schedule?

I don't know...what do you think? Should I try and stick to a post every day? I love to write so maybe I should use my writing time as a bit of a reward for a day well done. I can always use new motivators. Since I've been at home and not working or going to school for the last few weeks, I've had more time to myself to both write and read. Reading other blogs has become a real hobby for me. I guess it has inspired me to write more, but it has also helped me to look a little harder at what I have written and what I would like to write in the future.

Would I run out of things to say? Hardly. A lack of words has never been a problem for me. But, would you all get tired of listening? Well, would you? Do you like to read long blogs, short blogs, look at goofy pictures, follow interesting links...Let me know. I would like to hear what you all think and what you prefer.

Mom's Many Hearts is about my family and all the things I love. It has been a way to share the things that make me smile as well as a little bit of Universal Talk Therapy for the baggage I've got. For some reason I feel it is important to share the joy that has been given to me in my life as well as the laughter that is filtered through the tears. There are hundreds more things in my life that make me smile and, if you don't mind too much, I think I would like to spend the next year sharing even more of them.


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