Saturday, December 4, 2010

Paths to choose

So many decisions coming up! It seems like months of sitting and wishing for things has all come together all at once. Coupled with the changes to the routine I already have to make, my head is spinning!

First, I finally landed a real interview with a real company that employs workers at home. Yeah, it isn't the most glamorous or high paid, but it IS a real job. It isn't brain-bending difficult, and it means  I would be able to work without commuting. They would send me a computer and phone to use. I would only need to supply the monitor and headset. So, what's the catch? The hours, and the atmosphere. Currently, my position is slotted for the "evening" time - right around dinner and into the late night. That means I'll be taking calls at the same time the girls will be at home. Can I trust them to respect the office space and noise level? I'm not sure. I will find out tomorrow if they offer me the position, so I guess I'll have to figure this one out pretty quick.

One thing I also have to consider is school. Right now I am going to school at night and I'm not doing so well with that. I've missed enough class that I am in danger of failing regardless of my grades (which aren't that great, either.) I have already arranged to take morning classes next session. On one hand, it means I'll be in and out of class early so I can take care of whatever else I need to. On the other hand, I don't have a great history of getting up and getting going in the morning. With an hour long commute in rush hour traffic, it is going to take a lot of coffee to get me moving in the morning. I really pray that I surprise myself and my passion for cooking pushes me beyond my hatred for the hours before noon.

If these were the only things to ponder, I might be having a pretty easy day, but no. Medical and physical issues are pressing me as well. About a week ago I quit one of my  meds. I know it isn't a good idea to quit these things cold turkey, but I have been slowly dropping it for some time. The benefits of taking it (less body pain, headaches, and more energy) are less and less attractive considering the detractors (massive weight gain, exorbitant cost.) So, is being thinner and having more cash better than being pain free and awake? Only time will truly tell, but I think I am leaning towards skinny and cash-laden. I think I can manage the pain other ways. Besides, extra pounds cause pain, at least some of it. I am positive that any weight loss will contribute at least a little to feeling better, in general.

Another option I am being presented with, concerns a certain procedure that The Country Doc recommended to me. Apparently, there is a solution that can be injected into the knee joints to help relieve the pain caused by reduced cartilage. Usually, this is called arthritis and it happens just because you get older. In my case, it started a long time ago, wasn't found until I was in high school, and has only gotten worse since then. It has actually gotten MUCH worse recently, and I have had to make a lot of concessions to it. Imagine me, looking young-ish, riding in the electric cart at Wal-Mart, while my DAD walks along beside me. The Elderly Power Walkers were giving me dirty looks. Not every day is that bad, but a lot of days are. Stairs, shoes that I have to tie, and walking more than a block are all on my list of Not To Do.

When I told The Country Doc about this, he suggested I let him inject my knees with this stuff that would act like a cushion in my knee joints. It is a natural substance extracted from a rooster's comb and it apparently has been in use for many years. I would need them in both knees, of course, and I would need to get around five sets of injections to feel relief. Some people get months or even years of benefit from it. Research online shows a lot of good stuff about this, and not many detractors, unless you are allergic to chicken or you have a problem with people sticking really long needles into your joints. I'm not allergic to chicken, but I'm not gung ho about being poked THAT much. It could be what I need to get moving and be able to walk again. It also means five office visits and co-pays and probably a nasty deductible, too. I think I will wait until after the New Year and see if we can't handle this with Flex Pay. Now, how can I manage to fit the appointments and recovery time into my schedule. THAT will take some magic, I think.

Right now, I get to put all of that aside for a few hours. Our little town is having the tree lighting and parade in a few minutes and Tiny Dancer is scheduled to the show choir. It is getting pretty cold out there so I need to get bundled up and get there early enough to find a parking spot within three blocks of down town. I'll bring the camera and see how many shots I can get in the twilight.
Also, tomorrow, I may have a surprise for everyone. LH has been writing play scripts again and got a hold of the video camera today. With a little editing, I think we have some classic blackmail material on our hands!

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